Club fashion


Today I have talked about club fashion.

It is horrible. Girls, women wear mini dress, mini skirt, great neckline. Girls and women look very vulgar. Women wear as go to a beach. Or wear trainer with classic blouses, and the look dowdy. Men just want your sex.

That, not strange majority men wear superb. Men wear classic trousers, shirt and leather shoes or wear casual clothes. But are men, what wear t-shirt and demonstrate spare tyre.

Women and men, you go to club dance, which wear democratic clothes. Dance are night, and you can wear little black dress, classic skirt, classic blouses. Men can wear classic trousers, white shirt.

You can exchange your opinion about club, and that can find you lovely. And you exchange opinion about yourself. That women best worth – body and women can care and defend our body.

Not must that wear!!!!!

Not must show your’s lingerie!!!!!

That you can wear go to the club:

You must look as lady, but not as the streetwalker. You enter into distinguish who is sexually and who is vulgar. That two different words and different means.


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