Fashion mistakes: Shoes (обувь)


Shoes • Wrong combination of tights with shoes – this look ridiculous, and  it does not lengthen your figure, legs, you do not appear slimmer. RU:не сочетание колготок с обувю – чтобы не выглядеть нелепо сочетайте обувь с колготками. Это удлиняет вашу фигуру, ноги, вы кажетесь стройнее. FAIL TRUE   •             Shoes „Goodbye Youth“ – […]

For each day


For each day: a dull coat, skirt – pencil or classic trousers, shoes – pumps. RU:     на каждый день: простое пальто с чемто очерченным плечевым поясом, юбка – карандаш, туфли – лодочки.   • nails without rhinestones RU:    ногти без стразов • jeans without embroidery, lace RU: джинсы без вышивки, кружева • for the elegant look : […]

Fashion history of the 20th century (10th – 90th of the year) (история моды 20 века ( 10-е – 90-е года))


Fashion of the 20th century, or „retro style“ is getting familiar. All frequently designers are inspired style of the 20th century, and in the 2014-15 season – Autumn Winter – are dominated the fashion of 60th and 70th years.  20th century open much innovation in the way and now people and designers can only take […]

Hairstyle (Прическа)


Follow the fashion is ridiculous and  not follow – stupid. This phrase every morning in the „The fashions verdict “ repeats A. Vasiliev. The does not mean that we should always follow the fashion, every season to buy new clothes, change your all clothes. The phrase means that it is necessary to know ever,so  clothes […]